An easy dressing, quick to prepare, exquisite, healthy and macrobiotic. How to make homemade mayonnaise? This garlic mayonnaise is my specialty. Do not need to be vegan to know how to make egg-free mayonnaise and enjoy a new recipe full of energy balance.

Vegetarian Mayonnaise Ingredients:
1 block of fresh tofu
1 tablespoon white miso or 2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 clove garlic

Seen the ingredients, how to make homemade mayonnaise?

Cook the tofu block preferably to steam for 30 minutes or boil it for 5 minutes. This is the time to make homemade mayonnaise with blender: Then prepare the mayonnaise by grinding the tofu with the remaining ingredients and a little cooking water until achieving the desired consistency.

You’re wondering what tofu is?
Every day there are more recipes with tofu and places to buy tofu. There are many recipes on how to prepare tofu. Basically, tofu is a derivative of yellow soybean with a delicate flavor and creamy and light texture. It is the rennet obtained by cutting the soy milk.

Tofu Properties:
– It has 95% digestibility of soybeans compared to 65% of cooked yellow soybeans.
– It is rich minerals like iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and vitamins of group B and E.
– It is very low in fat, of which 80% are unsaturated.
– It is free of cholesterol and allows to eliminate cholesterol deposits thanks to the linoleic acid it possesses.
-If it is packed with natural magnesium chloride (nigari), tofu contains 23% more calcium than cow’s milk.
-Contains 8% protein versus 3.5% of cow’s milk.

Our kidney and our body in general find great difficulties to assimilate raw salt and whose consequence is the retention of liquids, premenstrual problems, obesity, thirst, aggressiveness or desire to eat many sweet things. Consequently, it is advisable to consume dressings in which a salty component such as sea salt, soy sauce, mugi miso, miso blanco, olives, capers and umeboshi paste is diluted. Fermented foods have therapeutic benefits such as restoring balance between microorganisms in the gut.

You can use this Vegan or Vegan dressing to accompany all kinds of dishes. You do not have to be a vegetarian or follow a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet to enjoy this recipe full of health benefits. Obviously, this vegan mayonnaise is ideal as dressing on any vegetarian menu and accompany any vegan food dish. There are many vegan salads and vegetarian recipes that can surprise you by how tasty and healthy they are if you know how to balance energetically. Most of my recipes come within easy vegan cooking group.

VEGAN WORLD: Important Information for Crudivegans (Rawfood) on How to Cook Tofu:
Fresh tofu should always be cooked. It is a big mistake to eat it raw, it would be extremely yin.
-It is not advisable to use fresh tofu for sweet dishes or accompanied by fruits, as these combinations can be indigestible and lack energy balance.

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