If you never cook and now, for whatever reason, you have to do so … Do not worry! There is light at the end of the tunnel! We all go through the same thing. However, If you are an expert cook but you have doubts:

“Is Teflon good?” “Plastic or glass?” “Aluminium or steel?” Then, this video is for you.

When you go shopping, you have 10,000 options only to decide about a spoon: wooden spoons, plastic spoons, metal spoons, steel spoons,  latex, bamboo… Then it is the containers’ turn; another 10,000 options.


Teflon, copper, plastic and aluminum. Why?? why?? why?? Because they are very toxic. It is my humble suggestion and if you want more information you can check on the Internet.


Let’s see if I can remember… Cast iron, stainless steel, wood, bamboo, ceramics and glass.

Let’s continue with ESSENTIAL COOKWARE LIST:

  • Sharpened knives.
  • Cutting board. Plastic ones?? No, no, no. Wooden cutting boards!
  • Brush to clean vegetables. We will never peel organic vegetables because we lose important properties.
  • This one… NO.
  • This… either…
  • This one… either… where is it?? where is it?? It’s not here.
  • Glass trays for baking in the oven.  Aluminium ones?  Teflon? No, no, no. Glass trays!
  • A ceramic wok to saute vegetables.
  • Chopsticks
  • Cutlery
  • Cups. Small cup, big cup. For short ones, for tall ones, for small ones, for big ones
  • Spatulas and wooden spoons.Did someone say: Plastic?
  • Dishes
  • Small bowls for small soups for everyday
  • Stainless steel strainer, we will use it to strain whole pasta, and also to steam. We put here the ingredients, here the water. Ping!
  • Glass jars like this one, watertight, really good ones. The water you get, when you strain the pasta, we are going to keep it here. You won’t throw it away, because it has lots of nutrients, and you will use it for soups.
  • Cloth napkins, to be more environmentally responsible. I don’t use paper ones.
  • A plant.
  • This kind of ceramic containers are really good for soaking beans or washing vegetables.
  • A mortar.
  • And a Suribachi, really important, it is a Japanese ceramic mortar with a rough pattern inside and a wooden pestle (What is that weird thing you call Suribachi?? A suribachi!! You don’t know what is it? Suribachi. It is to crunch toasted sesame seeds, for instance, and to make something really normal, that everybody eats,  don’t you know what is “gomasio”?)
  • Iron short cooking vegetables. We are going to make them really crisp. Yes, they are ceramics.
  • To make our Herbal tea. Tea pot and filter. We have a little filter that you can put inside your cup.
  • Pots of different sizes and stainless steel, small one, medium one and big one.
  • Stainless steel pressure cooker.

Don’t give excuses like: “Mariano: The ceramic wok is very expensive.” “My oven trays are made of aluminum.” “What do you want me to do??”  “How can I get rid of the teflon pan? It’s a gift from my mother in law.”

How are you going to cook something good without proper tools? Do you want to generate health and high quality food in your kitchen? Or do you prefer being a slave to the prejudices, attachments and habits? Think that everyday, you are cooking for your family, for your parents, your friends, your partner, your children and even for yourself.

Food generates blood, and your blood feeds each cell of your body, therefore you decide what kind of blood you want for your body. My blood is red!

I know it is hard to change and buy new things that you are not used to, but look, I trust you! If I could do it, you too! Remember It is difficult only at the beginning. You’ll feel better.

Now, I have to clean up  all these by myself? How did this get at my home?