In the last video we talked about why it is important to be positive in order to have an extraordinary life. Today we suggest a game to find out if you’re a positive or negative person and how to change it. Do not miss it!


The left wrist represents the path of the heart, our quiet mind, the best version of ourselves. In the right wrist we have 5 bracelets which represent critical and complaints.

Every day when I wake up I put the bracelets on my right wrist. Every time I complain or criticize, I send one of them to the path of the heart. As we are aware that we have been negative we have to get a bracelet. What is this? Aggg! Bracelets! Today at lunch I criticized my sister.

At night, I make a reflexion, I see how many bracelets I have on my left wrist, and I try to reflect on how they could have been avoided.

This symbolic game gives us a symbolic reflection of the way we talk and think throughout the day. It makes us aware of how we are.

The next day we start from scratch playing again: life is giving me another chance to be a more positive person and beautify this world with beautiful words, good deeds and make life better for others and myself, and achieve our own full potential without the negativity that blocks us and makes us sick.

Once we control the words, we can move on to thoughts: when we identified a toxic thought, we let it go, we don’t get involved with it, because if so, we have to pass a bracelet to the left wrist.


We get up, we see that the house is dirty and we tell our spouse: Honey, the house is a little messy. I stumbled on something sticky in the bathroom and I almost kill myself. I think we should clean it. And at that moment, the schedule a date and time to solve the problem, but we won’t complain about it, even if you have to live with rodents. Focus your attention on more important things in your life.


At first it will seem ridiculous (this seems ridiculous to me sometimes), it will be uncomfortable, maybe you forget to change switch bracelets, or you end with all the bracelets on the left wrist.

Don’t feel bad when you lose, because every day is a chance to win. Neither lie to yourself. Play as children do. We don’t want to see bracelets here, so we will strive every day to be more positive. Each bracelet on the left let us know we have to change, that we need to be more positive.

Try it, it doesn’t cost anything, they are hair gums! In a few days you will be more positive. Others will notice. And if you have the commitment to play this game for a month, you’ll have the habit of controlling your own mind and words.

Why do we make life impossible and constantly embittered highlighting the negative aspects of reality?

We will focus our minds on the positive side of things. Utter beautiful words. Speak well to others. Let’s put our focus on the positive, even if we have to change negative things.

This is my game to be a more positive person. Let your comment below that help us to improve the game. If you dare to play, share a photo below with your bracelets and your enthusiasm for changing.

I am convinced there is no need to travel long distances or we don’t need to be part of secret sects to improve this world. Let’s start by changing ourselves and make life more beautiful for people around us.