😇 👍 Today I am going to show you how to make a miso soup that you will love and that will strengthen your body, and consequently, your mind. It is a medicinal recipe, delicious, quick, easy to make and that will change your life. In addition, it is a classic in macrobiotic nutrition. Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup and is a live food, very reinforcing, that ignites the digestive fire, ideal to take it daily as a first course, before any other food.

Fermented soybeans can be made with soybeans alone or with soybeans and other fermented cereals. It is a ferment, therefore it has live microorganisms, it is a living food, which regenerates the intestinal flora. It regenerates the intestinal flora and alkalizes the body, it fights acidity because it has a lot of minerals and acidity is the cause of almost all diseases. Keep in mind that an acid body is a sick body. All diseases occur in an acidic environment. It is also a good source of protein, it is a food that reinforces, that gives vitality, although the best of all is that it is delicious.

The soup I personally make only with water and miso paste and I think it is the most medicinal way to strengthen the body. When I come home cold or tired, I heat water, I add the miso and I have the soup ready. But for my friends or when I want something special, I make a recipe a little more attractive, I play a little and I add ingredients that I’ll show you next.

We are going to make miso soup for 2 people
We will use 2 cups of water, 2 teaspoons of miso paste, carrot, leek white, ginger, wakame seaweed, cooked corn, shiitake mushroom and a little parsley or chive.

– We boil the water
– Wash and cut into small slices: Carrot and the white of the leek
– We finely chop some ginger
– We add a shiitake mushroom, cooked corn, and wakame seaweed
– We boiled for 5 minutes.
– We will have prepared, chives or onions cut very fine, or a little parsley.
– After 5 minutes, we will activate the miso, the most important step: We take a part of the broth, we dissolve it, we add it to the broth and then we heat again to the boiling point but it does not boil. If we boil the miso, we kill the ferment. If we do not heat it enough, the beneficial bacteria do not activate.
– We serve the miso soup
– Add the onion on top or the parsley

Keep in mind that soy is a healthy food if it is fermented. I recommend you eat soy in the form of miso, soy sauce, tamari or tempeh. But never eat soy milk or soy beans or soy flour or soy yogurt. And if you eat tofu always very well cooked, never raw. Soon I will make a video talking about this topic. For now, I recommend you take this miso soup every day to accompany your meals.

Remember that if you want to improve your life you need to improve your nutrition. Your life is the result of what you are doing every day. We can not have different results if we always do the same, if we always eat the same. It is necessary to change. That’s why I encourage you to start making small changes in your diet and in the way you approach life so that it translates into different results.

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