If you want different results, do not do the same. The author of this Phrase was Albert Einstein, whose idea was also expressed as follows: folly is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

My goal is to motivate you to become aware of the importance of our actions. And why do I tell you this? Because our actions make us free or slave people. Einstein already said in English: Do not expect different results if you always do the same, and was a very smart guy. So I would put his advice into practice.

This idea, applied to healthy habits, gives us much power, because it allows us to take the reins of our life, makes us responsible for our life. If we want to have great health, lose weight, be in love with life, have energy. These would all be results of a lot of small actions. And the same thing happens with the disease. If we are sick, it is not the fault of a mosquito, the virus that is in fashion, the swine fever, the doctor, the genes … but it is our own responsibility. What have we done to get to the disease? Are we eating well, resting well, exercising, living with the person we love? Are we using our words with elegance, dedicating ourselves to what we are passionate about?

I firmly believe that we are responsible for our life, our results. We are responsible for our health and our happiness. So said Einstein and also the great teacher Ohsawa, the Buddha and all the great masters of history.

But I do not only pretend to motivate you and that you are aware, but I would like to give you some practical measures, for the day to day and for your life to be better. There are 10 measures to build positive habits that enhance our abilities and be happy, that is the end of life.

– Do not watch the news, the news or news. Please do not let all that negativity into your home. Turn off the TV. It does not mean that you are not interested in the world and the suffering of others. I have not had a television for a long time or see any news, however, I hear about everything that happens in the world because people finish it by telling you. Unfortunately everyone talks about negative things. Because the beautiful things of life are not news. And if you want to improve the world, my advice is to start improving yourself, it’s the best thing you can do for the world.

– Eat in peace of mind and chew slowly, consciously food, more than 60 times each bite and without distractions of tele, internet, books, telephone. Give yourself that moment of the day to be with yourself. It’s going to change your life, it’s going to change your life.

– Walk every day minimum half an hour and if it is in contact with nature still better. Or do exercises like Yoga or Pilates. Do not look for excuses.

– Eat healthy. You do not need to be an expert in nutrition to know what hurts us. Clean your house of the foods that hurt you. On my website you have a lot of information to start improving your nutrition. Some ideas: Do not buy more: sugar, whites, alcohol, coffee, dairy, tobacco. If these toxic foods are not available, it will be easier to get rid of them. With this little action, your life will improve a lot. Look at my recipes. They are easy, rich and quick. You can improve if you propose! No one is born wise or expert. A day like today you can start!

– Try to act from understanding instead of prohibition when you want to change your diet or your habits in general. It is better to understand that we deserve to be strong and reach our maximum potential and thus avoid foods that weaken us and go against us. If you propose not to eat sugar, for example, that it is not a prohibition, but you understand that that action will do it during a time to improve your life. And if you ever want to eat sugar, like it, but what matters is day to day and understanding.

– Forgive others and do not blame yourself for your own mistakes. We are not born wise. We must make mistakes, make mistakes, do what we never thought we would do. To learn, you have to make a mistake. I saw that in my children when they learned to walk. They fell 1000 times before taking a step. Above all, forgive others. We were all wrong. You’re wrong. It is normal. Others are also wrong and have that right to learn. Sorrow and hatred are two very powerful ingredients for generating illness. It does not suit us. Fix your relationships with others. You will live better.

– Create a list of goals for this year. Many times we end up doing the same thing because we do not know where we are going. Could you tell someone that you are in this world today? Every day you get up you have to know why you are here. What do you want to get this year? An iron health, start with a few studies, a company? What are you waiting for! Put it in writing, dated and read it every day.

– Make the most of your time, Do not waste it. Do not say I do not have time to improve my life. The writer Borges said that we are made of that matter called time. We are time and energy. We all have 24 hours each day and we choose how to use them. Many times we make excuses not to do what we would like to do. Write down on paper how many hours a day you spend watching TV or being on the internet or with your phone. Then multiply those hours by 30 days. How many hours do you spend wasting time per month? How many important things could you do during those hours? A business, studies, sports, change your diet, meet people. This is your moment, because the past does not exist and the future has not yet come.

– Give priority to quality versus quantity in all life orders. If organic and healthy foods are expensive, eat less but better quality. Although I assure you, from experience, that when you stop buying “foods” that are very stimulating to the palate but make us sick, I assure you that you will save a lot of money.

– Use your words impeccably. It is a way to make the world more beautiful. Words have vibration, sound. And Sounds modify water, its molecules, water quality. This is proven by science but the wise men of the East already knew it. And we are 80% fluid, liquid. Put your hands on your chest and stomach and try to feel the vibration in your body when you are criticizing or speaking badly of others. How is your body posture, how are your shoulders? Instead, how your energy is when you say nice things, when you sing for joy, when you speak well of others. how you feel. And I do not say we never complain. You have to express negative emotions, anger, anger, it is healthy too, but I mean that we do not enter into a continuous negativity and criticism towards the whole world, towards the politicians, towards the neighbor, because there are many reasons to complain about all. I mean it’s best to focus on the positive things in life and use the words that come out of our mouth in a positive way. Did you ever try to respond to an insult or aggression or criticism with a positive, beautiful, constructive phrase? Try it, it’s free, you’ll be surprised and the others will too. The soft always wins the hard, the water pierces the rock.

To know if these 10 measures are effective you have to experience them and put them into practice. I assure you that only with practice 1 week you will see the difference. Remember that to get different results you have to do different things.

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