These are all my articles with videos from my YouTube channel. Each of them is designed to help you to start making important changes in your life, since changing habits is essential for a healthier life. Our intention might be collecting positive habits and stop collaborating with toxic habits which take us away our inner freedom and our goals in life.

You will also find many cooking recipes. Each of them is designed for people who do not have time to cook, who want to eat healthy and who do not know where to start or how to do it. Each recipe has a text with ingredients, steps and an explanatory video.

In addition, I offer you many articles dedicated to cooking tricks. If you want to follow a healthier lifestyle and do not know where to start, these are the videos you can watch. They are the best videos of cooking tips. Each one of them will give you a little trick to improve your recipes. They are really unmissable and necessary to improve your nutrition and your life.

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How To Make Easy Homemade Bread Copy

Discover how to make bread easy, healthy, protein and macrobiotic without the need for courses to make bread. This homemade bread recipe is a recipe for unleavened bread, without sugar, with sea salt and olive oil. Knowing how to make homemade bread is much cheaper, healthier [...]

The Alkaline Super Salad Copy

Learn to prepare in a few minutes a raw alkaline salad that is, at the same time, a quick macrobiotic pickle. This is a good resource to avoid adding raw salt to your meals because they can give a salty touch to any dish on [...]

MISO SOUP | Wholesome, Vegan and Macrobiotic

😇 👍 Today I am going to show you how to make a miso soup that you will love and that will strengthen your body, and consequently, your mind. It is a medicinal recipe, delicious, quick, easy to make and that will change your life. In addition, [...]


Today I bring you the recipe to do natural cross that will surprise you and I'll give you 10 reasons to do it. This recipe is very easy to make Sauerkraut because you do not have to cook anything. We are going to make a [...]

If you want different results do not do the same

If you want different results, do not do the same. The author of this Phrase was Albert Einstein, whose idea was also expressed as follows: folly is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. My goal is to motivate you [...]

Green Salads

Green leafy vegetables represent a fundamental food for our daily diet. Along with fruits, they are the major source of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Today, industrial food is very acidifying and lacks these nutrients, so the intake of green leaves and vegetables in general should [...]

Porridge Oatmeal Breakfast

Here you have an easy recipe that you can not miss in your life if you want to eat something healthier for breakfast and start the day lighter, with energy, eating something without sugar, satisfying hunger, digest well, Heavy and give you lots of [...]

Buckwheat with Vegetables and Glutenfree

This is a gluten-free buckwheat recipe with veggies delicious and very easy. If you want to know how to prepare and how to cook the buckwheat, I teach it easily, step by step. This is one of my best recipes. Buckwheat is an wholegrain [...]

The Alkaline Super Salad

Learn to prepare in a few minutes a raw alkaline salad that is, at the same time, a quick macrobiotic pickle. This is a good resource to avoid adding raw salt to your meals because they can give a salty touch to any dish on [...]

Millet Veggie Burger

Learn to make one of my easiest recipes with me: millet burgers. This is the easiest hamburger recipe ever! There are a lot of varieties of homemade hamburgers, from lentil burgers to quinoa burgers, both vegetarian burgers and vegan burgers. In this case, I have [...]

How to Make Fermented Pickles Probiotics

Step-by-step process to know how to make probiotic and macrobiotic homemade pickles. An easy and healthy recipe to start making homemade pickles without sugar or vinegar or industrial chemical preservatives. In addition, it is a healthy and very cheap recipe. We save, we generate health [...]

Brownrice With Chickpeas & Healthy Condiments

Easy and healthy macrobiotic cooking recipe to learn how to cook rice with chickpeas. We will combine brown rice with vegetables, with chickpeas and we will also add seeds, nuts, fermented, seaweed and olive oil. A healthy and cheap healthy meal, like all my healthy [...]

Healthy Cooking Baked Potatoes

In healthy nutrition in which we seek healthy cooking recipes, we will try to avoid recipes with potatoes as well as baked goods. However, I am aware that the potato is a very eaten food everywhere, and so the idea of ​​this recipe is NOT [...]

Easy Healthy Food Recipes

I do have a dream as you: My dream is to improve the world by sharing healthy recipes and healthy habits with people who need to change but do not know very well how to do it. I am convinced that conscious eating is fundamental [...]

How To Make Easy Homemade Bread

Discover how to make bread easy, healthy, protein and macrobiotic without the need for courses to make bread. This homemade bread recipe is a recipe for unleavened bread, without sugar, with sea salt and olive oil. Knowing how to make homemade bread is much cheaper, healthier [...]

How to Make Vegan Tofu Mayonnaise

An easy dressing, quick to prepare, exquisite, healthy and macrobiotic. How to make homemade mayonnaise? This garlic mayonnaise is my specialty. Do not need to be vegan to know how to make egg-free mayonnaise and enjoy a new recipe full of energy balance. Vegetarian Mayonnaise [...]

How to Make Lentil Pate | Vegan Protein

Macrobiotic lentil pâté recipe or lentil hummus, an excellent vegetable protein. This vegetarian food is one of the tastiest vegan dishes, a vegan hummus ideal for anyone looking for good recipes for canapes and tapas recipes that are tasty and healthy. Want to know how to make a [...]

How to Make Fruit Compote Without Sugar

Exquisite fruit compote with cinnamon, another great macrobiotic vegan recipe without sugar. An easy apple dessert that includes pear, cinnamon and raisins, easy to prepare, fast and with a very sweet result. Here I show you how to make one of the most delicious apple recipes available, so [...]

How to Make Vegan Pumpkin Cream Soup

Delicious, easy and quick cream of pumpkin soup and veggie carrot macrobiotic, dairy free, lactose free, without butter, gluten free. Ideal for celiacs because it is a gluten-free recipe. Also known as pumpkin soup or auyama cream. Ideal to warm up on Halloween night (or day of the [...]

Recommended books – What to Give and What to Read

Gift ideas? This is a compilation with the best nutrition books, health food books, Health books, family and personal development, Mind books, body and spirituality, Health and wellness books, Family books and relationships, and Development books Personal and self-help. They are great books to read that I have [...]

Healthy Meal Plan and Weekly Menus | Brown Rice with Vegetables and Hummus Recipe #5

Practice this Gluten-Free Brown Rice recipe with Hummus and learn how to make an ideal healthy meal plan if you are looking for easy vegetarian cooking recipes or a healthy weekly menu. Get to know several healthy weekly menus as a healthy meal plan. These daily menus are a [...]

How to Make Cookies Egg free Gluten free Sugar free

Macrobiotic and organic cookies without eggs, gluten, no sugar, no white flour, no refined salt, lactose free, butter and unleavened. You are looking for gluten-free food recipes? Over healthier impossible! These oatmeal cookies without butter are vegan oatmeal cookies, apple, raisins, nuts (almonds, nines and hazelnuts) and chia [...]

Healthy food to buy and Avoid chemicals “E”

Healthy food you have to consider when looking for information about eating healthy foods. As important as dieting, follow a diet regimen or weight loss diets, it is also essential to know the foods to make diet and have information health food. You've searched pages healthier food for [...]

SOJASUN Ad Spain: my answer | Vegetables and children

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How to make HUMMUS (Vegan Protein)

Hummus or hummus is an excellent high-quality vegetable protein for vegetarians, vegans or anyone looking to enjoy something rich and original consuming a high quality protein. Chickpeas are legumes fundamental to our health because they are high in fiber, protein, healthy fats and minerals. They are also present [...]

Nutrición macrobiótica en Primavera

It is very important to adapt our diet to the season of the year so as not to suffer the typical catarrhs ​​of climate change. Believe it or not, food is capable of cooling or heating us. That is why it is very important to know them and know [...]

Die slowly – Martha Medeiros

Die slowly He who becomes the slave of habit, who follows the same routines every day, who never changes brand, who does not risk and change the color of his clothes, who does not talk to people he doesn’t know dies slowly. He who makes television his guru [...]

How to start eating healthy | Where to start

Are you at that point in your life where you want to improve your habits but do not really know where to start? I know exactly how you feel. So I'd like to give me some ideas that changed my life and nobody told me. Here you have [...]

How to cook Brown Rice Sushi without Fish

Here I give you an easy to prepare SUSHI Brown Rice Fish without prescription. Ideal to cook something original and different, easy recipe for everyone, including vegetarians, vegans and macrobiotics. It's a new energy macrobiotic recipe to balance the body and mind, be full of energy and super healthy. [...]

How to Make Jam Without Sugar Easy and Healthy

Energy recipe for sugar-free jam, step by step, in a simple, easy and very healthy. You can make jam peach, plum jam, strawberry jam, strawberry jam, peach jam, orange marmalade. Jam sweetened with raisins, can be sweetened with sugar jam peeled dates, it is sweetened with dried apricots, [...]

5 Strategies to Stop Eating Sugar

Refined sugar is a carcinogenic substance that we must eliminate from our daily diet. Do you know these five strategies? An easy method to reduce sugar consumption successfully that you can start to implement today if you want to change and achieve your best version of yourself. You can [...]

What sugar hides: Poison for children and adults

Have you ever think about the consequences the consumption of sugar has in your life and your children’s life? In this video we will talk about one of our worst public enemies: refined sugar. As always I will propose a weekly challenge and I'll leave a question to [...]

Healthy Birthday | Why to SAY THANKS

We all get older. The pace of life is inevitable. We are time. So we have to live every moment with intensity and joy, always taking care of our habits for the best version of ourselves.    

This happens when you get rid of Coffee, Sugar and Alcohol

Today we will talk about three hazardous substances that coexist with us, that are socially accepted, that are present in almost every house and that pretend to be our friends. I'm talking about coffee, sugar and alcohol. Have you ever wondered what would happen to your body if you [...]

Habits and motivation

Why do you think it is important to change? Everyone has a reason. It's very difficult for me to change, but when I practice healthy habits I feel better and my relationship with others is much better as well. Instead, when my habits are bad for my body and my mind, [...]

SUPERFOOD without gluten, to lose weight, energizing and calcium source

In this video I will show you to prepare what is probably one of the best foods for humans. It has no gluten for people with gluten intolerance; it is used to lose weight; it provides protein, vitamins, and minerals (calcium, iron); its fats are healthy and the most important: it [...]

10 tips to healthy weight loss

I show you 10 tips to lose weight healthily. And not only that: you'll feel better, have more energy and you'll never regain weight lost anymore. This method is free, easy and convenient to create health and achieve your natural weight. Do not miss this video! Chew your food well: [...]

A game to be focused and to be positive

In the last video we talked about why it is important to be positive in order to have an extraordinary life. Today we suggest a game to find out if you're a positive or negative person and how to change it. Do not miss it! THE GAME The left wrist [...]

How to be more positive and why

Have you ever wondered why some people are positive and others are negative? How do you feel when you're with someone who criticizes everyone and complains about everything? How do you feel when you're with someone who spreads joy, inspiration and peace? And you… What are you like? And an [...]

Messi’s diet: 4 steps to improve habits

Do you want to do 4 steps in your diet  to reach 4 benefits in your life? Based on the macrobiotic diet, based itself on Chinese medicine… Let's make it simple: I’ll share with you 4 healthy steps that our ancestors had practiced, wherever you live. Eat 100% whole grains [...]

Changing habits: What is the best meat?

Along with plant proteins, fish is one of the best sources of proteins because it has no saturated fats like eggs or other meats, and because it provides essential fatty acids. Eating fish instead of other animal proteins would be the best option to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, [...]

Changing habits: when to eat and when to drink?

Many times you have asked yourself: when do I have to eat? or when do I have to drink? Or Maybe you haven’t never asked yourself that question. Anyways, here you have the answer from the ancient wise people : “Eat only when you are hungry and drink only when [...]

Essential things for your kitchen | Healthy materials

If you never cook and now, for whatever reason, you have to do so ... Do not worry! There is light at the end of the tunnel! We all go through the same thing. However, If you are an expert cook but you have doubts: "Is Teflon good?" “Plastic or glass?” [...]

Do you want to change habits?

Welcome to Macrobiótica Zen. You can do anything you set your mind to. First you have to want it. I am convinced that we all have the ability to change and to be the best version of ourselves. Changing habits is a rocky path that maybe gives you many headaches. [...]

Easy daily exercise routine – fit and healthy

If you're like me; you pay the gym, go once and never come back, I have a tip for you to be strong and in good shape. Years ago, people didn’t go to the gym since their works required a lot of physical exercise. Because of that, people were strong [...]

Why to go to the gym?

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Macrobiotics: A balanced and healthy diet

Many people ask me: Mariano, what is the macrobiotics diet? How do you eat that? With chopsticks or spoon? Is  it a sport? Should we eat strange things? Macrobiotics food is eating local food, grown without chemical fertilizers, food without preservatives or colorings. You sit at the table to eat [...]

Health, aging and weight control

Want to lose weight, be younger, have a very healthy and live long? Follow the advice of Mahatma Gandhi: chew your drink and drink your food. Write it in your kitchen and remember every time you eat. We have seen the importance of eating whole grains and avoid frozen, canned [...]

4 changes to have a better health

I present four enemies of our health that take our energy and make us sick. In the end, you have a weekly challenge for you to start improving your health gradually and're full of energy. The first great enemy of health are the canned food: cans of vegetables, preserves, etc. [...]

10 Reasons to eat WHOLE GRAINS

There is a difference between whole grains and refined grains industry sometimes try to hide and that our health directly affects us. Here, briefly, I'll give you 10 reasons to eat whole grains and in the end, I'll leave a WEEKLY CHALLENGE. Remember that macrobiotic Zen is a place to [...]

Eat healthy: food for human beings

I am convinced that genes and food are directly related to health and disease. I have spent many years researching how best nutrition for humans, studying and experimenting on my own meats scientific ideas of East and West. So I think it's very important to feed respecting our biology. What [...]

Changing habits – The easiest way to change

I am convinced that a good way to change habits is taking small steps in the same direction. So Diets that require us to do something completely different to our habits in no time. I think the life experience serves much. Once in America, I found myself facing a job [...]

What is zen macrobiotic?

Hi, I want to invite you to macrobiotic Zen. I am convinced that food is the key to being happy and to achieve our goals in life. If you tried many diets to achieve your ideal weight but all you've got is to lose enthusiasm and time. If you are [...]