I do have a dream as you: My dream is to improve the world by sharing healthy recipes and healthy habits with people who need to change but do not know very well how to do it.

I am convinced that conscious eating is fundamental in our current lifestyle, where the need for holistic nutrition is becoming more urgent. Not only is it necessary to have healthy nutrition from easy recipes and to learn recipes that are easy to prepare, but it is vital to learn to listen to our body, to understand the meaning of diseases, their causes, the psychosomatic importance of emotions, control Of the mind, and the rejuvenating role of conscious breathing and physical exercise. Changing eating habits in our lives is as important as making our dreams clear, doing physical exercises, and learning to use our words and thoughts positively.

Science shows us that we can improve our lives with good nutrition and healthy habits. We deserve to be healthy, to have energy, to live with illusion, to be strong and in our natural weight. That’s why this channel is for people like you, people who want to feed themselves better but do not know how to do it.

In my Youtube channel you will find, from free recipes and recipes of desserts without sugar, to homemade and homemade recipes. There are even recipes for diabetics and Christmas recipes. However, the top priority when it comes to sharing recipes is that they should be healthy food recipes, trying to make simple recipes, light recipes, and quick and easy recipes.

I’ll teach you to do sweet things but no sugar. Exciting recipes but no alcohol, no chocolate … no coffee. Together we will fight against the 5 white poisons. I need your help. We will make dishes majestic but without refined or strange ingredients. I will teach you to make recipes with protein, calcium, even iron of the heaviest … but respecting all forms of life.

In addition to cheap cooking recipes, on my Youtube channel you will find practical tips to lead a healthy life whose meaning is none other than to maintain a healthy life. My own experience and my studies in nutrition taught me, over the years, that diets for weight loss are not the best option if one wants to have health and be at their natural weight in the long run. I do not think it is positive for a person to undergo a regimen of weight loss and light meal recipes for a short period of time if eventually the person returns with anxiety to the toxic habits that prompted him to begin the regimen to lose weight. I think it is much better to go making small changes in habits, winning small battles, so that the change is gradual, continuous and lasting. This could be the true meaning of the word health.

Eating healthy does not mean spending money or having to take cooking courses online. It is logical to make easy-to-eat recipes at the beginning until the practice is mastered and one can dare to make more sophisticated recipes. There are as many easy and cheap recipes as simple and healthy. Many times, the most expensive and most complex and refined recipes are the most harmful and harmful to health. Anyway, all my dishes come from easy homemade recipes that, many times, even a 7 year old can put into practice.

Eating healthy is a matter of awareness and reversing certain preferences. It does not do us much to eat something unhealthy for the simple fact that it is very tasty, because after us it will be hindering us all day like an evil creature in the abdomen, it will make us drowsy, we will detract energy, it will make us feel exhausted, With acidity, bad mood, reluctance. However, when one becomes aware of the importance of taking care of our health, we will demand as a priority number one that any dish of food is healthy, especially because, if it is well prepared, it can also be a tasty dish.

It is very easy to improve any of the Spanish cooking recipes that you can get to do frequently. You just need to know some kitchen tricks that I give you in each of my videos from my Youtube channel.

Any book of recipes in my web selection of nutrition books can serve you if you want to accompany my recipes by expanding your culinary art. In addition, in the Nutrition section of my website you can find the basic ideas about what I consider an economic, ecological, ethical, simple and healthy nutrition. The same would happen with recipes of Mexican food or with the exquisite recipes of Argentine food. You do not have to learn absolutely everything learned. There are certain recipes and procedures that we can improve with simple changes in our cooking habits to enjoy a healthy life.

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