Practice this Gluten-Free Brown Rice recipe with Hummus and learn how to make an ideal healthy meal plan if you are looking for easy vegetarian cooking recipes or a healthy weekly menu. Get to know several healthy weekly menus as a healthy meal plan. These daily menus are a clear example of macrobiotic dish. It is also a children’s menu. This is another of my Healthy Recipes. It’s time to change your habits!

Healthy eating information and vegetarian food recipes? Learn how to easily vary vegetables to make different healthy meal menus and learn to vary whole grains and high quality protein to make an excellent weekly family menu. It is a recipe that includes several daily menu recipes and easy recipes for healthy food, not forgetting that not only is a weekly menu economical but it is a healthy menu for the week, saving money and time.

I want to make life easier and teach you how to prepare healthy food without giving up a healthy diet or your time. Because eating healthy can be easy and fun. They are also valid as children’s food recipes, vegetarian children’s recipes, simple vegetarian cooking recipes and macrobiotic food recipes (macrobiotic food easy recipes)

No egg, no dairy, no gluten, no lactose, no saturated fat, no cholesterol.

Macrobiotic food menuZen: Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food recipes:
-To prepare the brown rice (see recipe to cook brown rice)
-To prepare the hummus following this recipe to make Hummus or Paté of guarantees.
-Washing and chopping a little broccoli
-Wash a navel and cut without removing the skin
-Freate the carrot with a spoonful of olive oil over medium-high heat for 1-2 minutes
-Add the broccoli, stir for 1-2 minutes, turn off the heat and cover. Wait a few minutes.
“Both vegetables have to be cooked but crisp, bright colors.
– Place the brown rice in a dish, add the vegetables, a few tablespoons of hummus to the taste and a small handful of nuts.
-Add soy sauce (shoyu) to taste and other seasonings.

In addition, we can create several recipes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians (menus of balanced diets) applying variants to the recipe:

– You can change whole grains every day: brown rice, quinoa, millet, oats, barley, whole grains (buckwheat, brown rice, gluten wheat, spelled, rye, corn)

– You can vary the high quality protein that you like: Tofu, Chickpeas, Aduki, lentils, Hummus, Beans, Beans, tempeh and white fish if you are not vegetarian.

Post date 1:
In my Youtube channel there is a recipe to make Hummus or Paté of assurances. No, it’s not earth with earthworms. And if they look good, there is another recipe for making brown rice. Do not leak, you have no excuses. It would be easier for the food to have artificial intelligence and for itself to be made, but at the moment that is not viable.

Post date 2
You can vary the vegetables: (same piece of video of the beginning with green leaves) always it is good that you include some of green leaf and others like onion, carrot and pumpkin to obtain heat in the feet, sweetness in the plate and you do not need to eat dessert .

Post date 3
The smaller the cuts the vegetables, the faster they will cook. You can also add some raw vegetables to the finished dish.

Post date 4
To make your immune system stronger, to get more sweetness in your food and to lower your stress, you can do something that is free. Are you sure you want to hear it? The trick is to chew more than 60 times each bite. Do not eat like lions, dogs or crocodiles, grinding. Our wheels are for grinding cereals. We have a mill. Do not forget.

Turn off the television, your phone, close the diary and turn off your negative thoughts. Just a moment. And enjoy the moment, live the present, savor your food, enjoy a little time a day alone with yourself.

Do you want to learn how to make sweet but healthy cookies? No sugar, no egg, macrobiotics …. Here I leave you my personal recipe.

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