I show you 10 tips to lose weight healthily. And not only that: you’ll feel better, have more energy and you’ll never regain weight lost anymore. This method is free, easy and convenient to create health and achieve your natural weight. Do not miss this video!

  1. Chew your food well: more than 50 times each bite without distractions: TV, radio, Internet. In this link you can see one of my videos with more information.
  2. Eat high-fiber foods: whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  3. Move to whole grains: brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, quinoa, millet, oats. Make sure they are 100% whole grains and have no sugar.
  4. Reduce consumption of the most dangerous and widespread drug in the world: sugar, directly consumed or added to the foods you buy. We are all addicted to this dangerous substance but we have to be careful with the quantities we consume.
  5. Do not have dessert and take fruits two hours before or after meals.
  6. Vegan Dinners: if you want to be healthier and to lose weight, take your dinner without animal products.
  7. Reduce consumption of flour and dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese).
  8. Reduce consumption of meat and eggs if you want to avoid sugar, coffee, chocolate, ice cream and alcohol. They belong to opposite but complementary energetically types of food. If you reduce one group, your body will need less of the other, and vice versa.
  9. Drink water and natural fruit juices made by yourself instead of sodas.
  10. And finally: Do some exercise every day, even walking. Here you can see another video with a daily exercise routine.


It makes no sense to me doing a diet for two weeks, waste money and time, suffering a lot and then gaining weight back. That is why I propose these ten steps that, over time, become part of your life and you will do them as a natural habit.

Each morning watch this video to set your brain and to strengthen your will, and also write these 10 strategies in your kitchen in a visible place to don’t forget them. Try it for a month at your own pace and then see the results. More effort, better results.

Benefits? Let’s see if I remember…

You’ll be in your natural weight, feel better, have more energy, sleep better, improve calcium reserves of your body and you’ll be healthier.

Do not stay by yourself with this information, share it with your friends. I hope this will serve to achieve your natural weight and be healthier. It’s not easy but you can do it! And when you do it… you won’t believe it!