In healthy nutrition in which we seek healthy cooking recipes, we will try to avoid recipes with potatoes as well as baked goods. However, I am aware that the potato is a very eaten food everywhere, and so the idea of ​​this recipe is NOT to encourage the consumption of potatoes or baking: my intention is to help you, when Eat potatoes and prepare baked potatoes, know how to make them in a healthier way.

That’s why this is another of my healthy food recipes in which we are going to cook healthily one of the most eaten food in the world: Potatoes or potatoes. Yes, this is a recipe for a healthy meal because we will not use raw salt, we will not cook them with oil, we will not wrap them in aluminum, we will cook them with their skin, we will never eat them raw and you will put the oven to roast potatoes to the correct temperature. Want to know how to make healthy potatoes?

There are so many recipes for potatoes and so many French fries everywhere that when it comes to looking for recipes to achieve an easy and healthy cuisine, we all have the same questions: Is it good to cook potatoes with skin? Is it good to eat the skin? Is it good to eat potatoes? Can you make rich and cheap healthy food? Let’s see below the ingredients, the steps and then answer all the doubts about the best known tuber of the world. I’ll give you some keys and tricks that will change your life. And I’m not exaggerating, considering that we are what we eat.

Ingredients baked baked potatoes:

1 kilo of small potatoes with skin, if possible, organic

Unrefined cold pressed olive oil

2 teaspoons of sea salt and a little water

Baking paper

Preparation of potatoes:

-We washed the potatoes very well until there was no dirt left.
-We eliminate the shoots and green parts because they are toxic.
-We dry them well using a rag.
-Dilute 2 teaspoons of sea salt in a little water.
-Make potatoes with salt water using our hands.
-We put them on the rag.
-We power the oven to 180ºc
-On the oven tray we put baking paper.
-We put the potatoes on the paper and bake for an hour.

Condiment and accompaniment of the recipe of baked potatoes:

1) We will season the baked potatoes once they are made, using unrefined olive oil because the oil can burn and become trans fat during cooking. 2) We can also season with nutritional yeast to give it a salty touch. 3) In addition, while the potatoes are cooked we can prepare salty quick pickles as an accompaniment to provide salt, enzymes and energetic opening to the dish. Look at my recipe to make quick pickles on my web.

Almost everyone who shares recipes with potatoes agrees to cook potatoes with their skin to preserve the properties. Where there are different opinions is about whether or not we should eat them with their skin. Some say that in the skin is the most toxic substance of the potato.

Others think that eating potatoes with skin is beneficial:

– Because on the skin are many nutrients

– Because we would be eating a complete food

– Because the skin turns the potato into alkalizing

– Because the skin is the part that contains the most fiber and this causes blood sugar levels not to trip.

1) But it is VERY IMPORTANT to avoid old potatoes, green areas and areas with outbreaks, to eat the skin, enjoy its benefits and minimize toxicity.

2) It is also important to avoid Teflon and aluminum by cooking them in glass or on a baking paper.

3) And never, but never eat raw potato

In relation to this, I would like to share the habit of salting the meals always in the last minutes of cooking and never again add salt of the typical salt shaker of your house. What’s more, get rid of that little monster, because it’s very bad for the health of your kidneys. It is a matter of habituating, it does not cost so much and the benefits are very interesting.

Let’s not forget the fascination you feel for the potatoes. They are able to eat them in all their forms and cooking. That is why it is imperative to learn how to make healthy food recipes for children. Even this recipe could be one of those recipes for Christmas, those typical quick recipes that we are always looking for and can not find.

You probably did not know all these things about baked potatoes to follow a healthy and healthy diet. Now you know, so … get to work! This is one of the easy recipes on my Youtube channel. You know how to cook potatoes. I have more vegetarian recipes and I would be happy to share your photo of the recipe on my Facebook. My dream is to share healthy recipes and habits to improve the lives of the people of the world. So thanks for being part of my dream, Give Me A Taste and Share these healthy cooking recipes with