My passion is to inspire people to improve their nutrition and their lifestyle. I work every day to help all those people who want to be free, to be the owners of their destiny and wish to transform their lives into something full and meaningful. There can be no happiness if there is disease. There can not be prosperity if there is no energy. There can be no enthusiasm if there is fatigue. Health and happiness go hand in hand and depend on our effort. We are very fortunate to be able to choose, to be responsible protagonists of our destiny, to be able to build our health and our happiness, simply by choosing our food and our habits every day.

My name is Mariano Rodríguez, I was born in Argentina on July 13, 1981. I started my university studies in Buenos Aires but then I moved to Madrid, Spain, where I studied Economics and Business. I continued my career as a professor in the United States where I worked as a teacher of Spanish and humanities at the secondary and university levels.

I currently live in Finland where I work as a Macrobiotic Nutrition Coach. Due to the thousands of followers of my YouTube channel and my website, I am specialized in Online consultations, advising people from all over the world, both in English and Spanish, offering different counseling plans tailored to the needs of each person. Besides being lucky enough to be able to help people from all over the world, I am very fortunate to share my life with an extraordinary woman, a very curious son and a daughter as bright as the sun.

I was always interested in nutrition, that magic that allows us to create what we are both inside and outside, our way of thinking and our way of acting. For that reason, from a very young age I searched with passion for a way of feeding and a philosophy of life capable of helping me to reach my best version and be happy under any circumstance. I became interested in hygienism, vegetarianism and put different theories into practice in my own body. I spent many hours studying extraordinary books that became great masters, while completing different distance university courses. At the University of Stonebridge, England, I studied Ayurvedic nutrition, macrobiotic nutrition and specialized as a nutritional consultant for vegans and vegetarians. I am a Yoga teacher and I completed Reiki level I in the United States and level II in Finland. In addition, I was lucky enough to be able to study at the Kushi Institute of Europe (Holland) at the hands of Wieke Nelissen and Phil Jannetta, where I continued into my studies of macrobiotic medicine, natural remedies, Do-In exercises, oriental philosophy, visual diagnosis, health care and shiatsu massages. I also lived for 10 days at the Cuisine et Santé macrobiotic school in France, where I experimented with practicing everything I had learned from the books of the great master Georges Ohsawa.

In addition to my work, I dedicate a lot of energy and time to my YouTube channel with recipes and all kinds of videos to build healthy habits, with the intention of freely disseminating conscious and energetic food. At the same time, I study a university course in England on Chinese Medical Theory and continue studying different areas related to nutrition and healthy habits.

Mariano Rodriguez macrobiotica zen asesor nutricionista vegano

Know yourself

Be authentic and simple

Everything is One

In addition to nutritional coach, I am a writer (when I rescue some time), a heart traveler, father, friend and entrepreneur of lost causes and impossible dreams. Yes that’s me! These are the two novels that I published on Amazon.

I have studied a lot but true mastery is achieved through practice and example. Therefore, every day I strive to cultivate healthy habits and enjoy meditation, yoga, walks through the forests of Finland, and I follow a healthy energy diet that adapts to the needs of my family and the environment. I am excited to be an inspiration for other people to make the effort to reach their best version and transcend existence.

I was lucky to have traveled and to have lived in four different countries and two continents, which gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful people from different cultures. I have learned a lot from all this and, above all, I have realized that people, wherever we are from, have a series of toxic habits that pose a great barrier to our abilities. My job is to help other people build healthy habits and that nothing prevents their inner light shine in all its splendor. I am convinced that the greatness of a person is measured by the greatness of his dreams. All of us have come to dream of something great.