Many people ask me: Mariano, what is the macrobiotics diet? How do you eat that? With chopsticks or spoon? Is  it a sport? Should we eat strange things?

Macrobiotics food is eating local food, grown without chemical fertilizers, food without preservatives or colorings. You sit at the table to eat with your family, eating slowly and chewing well. Macrobiotics is a balanced complete  diet, rich in nutrients and based on whole grains. It is practicing traditional diets that worked for centuries. Our ancestors were macrobiotic!

Macrobiotics is eating foods that revitalize and avoid devitalized foods (refined, frozen, canned). It is also occasionally skip macrobiotics, so we learn to have control over ourselves.

Macrobiotics is breaking myths like eating without salt, is breaking the myth that milk gives us calcium, the myth of drinking two liters of water a day, and abuse of meat and sugar. Also avoid hard drugs like caffeine and alcohol in order to recover the potential of our body and self confidence.

Macrobiotics is to avoid extreme diets to which we have taken, it is to go for a balanced diet that respects our biology and our physiological characteristics. It is learning to observe nature and its cycles, it is an opportunity to have more and more will and discipline.

Macrobiotics is the desire to live a long life, to want our body to function at 100%, it is to want to live without fear of getting sick, it is to give the best to our friends and family.

Macrobiotics is energy, is balance, is harmony. It is to build positive habits. And it ends up becoming a sport! You’re not going to believe it!

Welcome to the club!