It is very important to adapt our diet to the season of the year so as not to suffer the typical catarrhs ​​of climate change. Believe it or not, food is capable of cooling or heating us. That is why it is very important to know them and know how to cook them. Today I’m going to give you some practical keys for spring that will improve your life.

We are in a moment of transition, we see it in the trees: the energy that was accumulated during the winter, now begins to expand, to climb the branches and leaves begin to come out. There is also an energetic change in us and in the rest of the animals.

Spring is the time to open, clean and purify the excesses of heavy and dense winter energy. We will begin to cool the body but not too much.

  • Eat more light whole grain cereals: medium grain brown rice, quinoa, bulgur, whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread.
  • Soups lighter than in the winter, with less cereals, legumes and salty seasonings, and with more vegetables.
  • To purify, we will reduce the amount of protein daily. It minimizes animal protein and consumes more plant proteins (legumes, nuts, tofu, seitan, tempeh) and also fish without a vegan.
  • Start eating more vegetables of all kinds and variety. Bitter and spicy are purifying.
  • We will enhance the acid taste in our condiments.
  • Lighter cooking: boiled, steamed, blanched, sautéed short and sprouted.
  • We will continue to eat seaweed of all kinds.
  • We will use olive oil in moderation, less quantity than in winter so that our liver relaxes and purifies itself. We changed the fried for short sauteed ones.
  • Still it is not advisable to eat too much fresh fruit but in compote or steam. Always choose seasonal fruits and your region. You can make jams. Watch my video to learn how to make healthy jams without sugar.

I hope you enjoy the spring. It is a good time to open the body and change habits. If you are interested in these articles and videos related to healthy and balanced nutrition, subscribe to my Youtube channel. It’s time to follow Healthy Eating.

Other tips that may interest you: Consume whole grains, avoid the microwave and try to exercise every day.