Today we will talk about three hazardous substances that coexist with us, that are socially accepted, that are present in almost every house and that pretend to be our friends. I’m talking about coffee, sugar and alcohol. Have you ever wondered what would happen to your body if you stopped taking them?

The first thing you have to do is find out if you are addicted to any of these substances. Can you spend a day without coffee? A week? A month? And when you don’t take it, how do you feel? Can you function normally? I am passionate about brown rice and I couldn’t live without it. However, if one day I have to eat another cereal, I’m not affected. It’s not a big deal. My brain works at the same level and my energy is the same.

Can you live a month without drinking alcohol? Can you spend 3 days without eating sugar? Can you avoid these obstacles?

These “foods” are, from the point of view of Chinese medicine, extreme food. They are stimulants. They have a brutal impact on the body and your body will have to work hard to eliminate these toxins ending up exhausted. And if you repeat this consumption for decades, the story can not end well. Then don’t blame the genes, the age or the destiny that gets mad at us.

Am I saying you should never in your life have a glass of wine? No, not at all!

The danger of a poison is not poison itself, but the dose. You can die if you eat too much salt, but an adequate amount of salt is essential for our body to function. Same thing with water: if I take 2 liters per day I will be scattered, listless, cold, my kidneys will be saturated of working and I’ll lose many minerals. However, it is essential to drink water when we are thirsty.

What if you stopped drinking coffee, sugar and alcohol regularly? Yes … I say let these obstacles aside.

Personally I try to be my best version every day. I want to have an absolute health because when I run at 100% I can do anything I put my mind. I can not do sports with my friends if I’m sick. I can not enjoy my family if I’m sick. I can not achieve my goals if I’m sick.

So I want the best possible health. And for that, I have to put aside the obstacles. It can not be more important for me having a coffee or eating sugar daily than aspire to have an abundant and absolute health. I didn’t come to this world to waste my time, to leave my goals incomplete or to suffer chronic diseases because of bad habits.

And you? What do you think? Do you want to improve your life or you want to continue consuming obstacles? Let your comment below! Share it if you enjoyed this video and LIKE it!