Do you want to do 4 steps in your diet  to reach 4 benefits in your life?

Based on the macrobiotic diet, based itself on Chinese medicine… Let’s make it simple: I’ll share with you 4 healthy steps that our ancestors had practiced, wherever you live.

  1. Eat 100% whole grains as your primary food every day: rice, quinoa, millet, wheat, corn. Ideally, full grains. If you eat them from flour such in pasta or bread, make sure they are 100% whole grain. You would need to start practicing a new sport: reading labels. Do not be fooled!
  2. Drastically reduce sugar consumption: it’s a carcinogenic poison. Read product labels because everything has sugar. So, welcome to this weird club where we read the labels on everything we buy.
  3. Reduce processed food. What’s this?  Food that industry cooks, packs in plastic containers (mmm… ¡Delicious!) and maybe freezes it or not, adds preservatives, and adds additives to extend expiration and to improve food aspect when you see it in the supermarket. At home we throw away the package generating pollution, heat the food and we give it to our children. What a joy! A similar cooking process practiced by our grandmothers in the past. I’m being sarcastic. Watch my video “4 changes to have a better health” for further information.
  4. Reduce dairy consumption to a minimum: You’re not a breastfeeder any more! Give up the breast, naughty friend! The breast from other animal? Aggg! Common sense? Yes, Yes, Yes!

But don’t believe me, put into practice these 4 steps and you will see the results. Set your goals by day, week and month. Do not impose or forbid yourself anything. Take it as a game and act from the conviction that it will be good for your health and to become into the best version of yourself!


Sick less, lose Weight, best digestions and more energy.

In my case, these changes were not easy to follow but they changed my life. Occasionally, I make exception eating cheese, white flour pizza or something that has sugar. However, I try to eat the healthiest possible on a daily basis giving myself a treat once in a while.

These 4 steps are present in the diet of Lionel Messi, one of the greatest football players in history. And they helped him to improve his performance and capabilities. Messi also eats all organic (without pesticides), without preservatives, and he eats just a few amount of red meat. I would say his diet is very similar to macrobiotics.

Everyone has to get his/her own conclusion. I took mine: Macrobiotics: “Biotics”= life; “Macro” = great, long. Long and great life!