Learn to make one of my easiest recipes with me: millet burgers. This is the easiest hamburger recipe ever! There are a lot of varieties of homemade hamburgers, from lentil burgers to quinoa burgers, both vegetarian burgers and vegan burgers. In this case, I have chosen millet because it is a whole grain that has large amounts of iron and magnesium. We will prepare it without food of animal origin: it will be a 100% vegan hamburger.

It is not a giant hamburger but rather small and delicate, a mini hamburger, with a soft and exquisite flavor. The millet burger is much healthier than the textured soy burgers because we are talking about a whole grain cereal while the textured soy is a processed product.

No need to have thermomix or any strange cooking utensils. Your hands will make much of this recipe (literally). It will digest much better than chickpea or lentil burgers because it is not a vegetable but a cereal. Recall that a healthy nutrition from the point of view of macrobiotic medicine considers whole grain as the main food of the dish.

I consider the millet burger, along with the quinoa, like the queens of vegetable burgers because of its easy digestion and innumerable health benefits.

Half glass of millet
1 1/4 water (2.5 times the amount of millet)
1 small onion
Kale leaf
Natural olive oil
Half teaspoon of sea salt
A little soy sauce or tamari

How to make millet burgers? How to cook burgers?

Cook millet with salt for at least 20 minutes
Let cool
Cut the vegetables very thin
Add half a teaspoon of sea salt
Stirring well
Using two press plates at least 30 minutes
Sauté over medium-low heat onion for 10 minutes
Chop the kale leaf
Mix the leaf with the millet and the onion
Add tamari or sea salt
Arrange the burgers with wet hands
Fry them with low heat, 2 minutes on each side
This is a healthy meal for children, although in this case, you should add a significant amount of raw salad to balance the Yang energy of frying. You can start practicing it to be expert and add it to your recipes for Christmas.

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I recommend that you eat millet at least once a week, but at least. You can use it like any other cereal, to make bread for example. In the same way that I made this recipe of brown rice, you can make it from millet to see how it is. It is one of the grains that have more iron, much more than the lentils and also provides a lot of magnesium. We would have to eat millet as we normally eat bread.

All the minerals and amino acids your body needs to repair your skin, your nails, your teeth, your hesos, are in the millet. And if you have osteoporosis or any bone problem, I recommend that you stop consuming dairy, very toxic to the body, start eating millet and add to your daily diet a small amount of seaweed. In this way remineralize your body and your bones will again have the natural strength they deserve.

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