Along with plant proteins, fish is one of the best sources of proteins because it has no saturated fats like eggs or other meats, and because it provides essential fatty acids. Eating fish instead of other animal proteins would be the best option to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such us high blood pressure, cholesterol, problems with blood circulation …

Etc, etc, etc.

It is very weird that a vegetarian recommends you eating fish. But I’m not recommending you eating fish. I’m recommending that if you eat animals, eat all types of fish because it is the most balanced and healthy meat. Obviously you can have a healthy life without eating animals.

In our Youtube channel we try to encourage good eating habits so you can achieve the highest level of health whatever your beliefs are. People believe that only vegetarians have healthy habits and long lives and all long and large. However, you can be healthy by eating small amounts of fish.

So remember: “fish is the healthiest meat.” Start replacing the consumption of other animals for fish.

This is a very healthy habit (yes, yes, yes) that you can write on a visible area in your kitchen, and you can start practicing it over the next 21 days.

Do you accept the challenge? Remember you can do anything you set your mind!