I present four enemies of our health that take our energy and make us sick. In the end, you have a weekly challenge for you to start improving your health gradually and’re full of energy.

The first great enemy of health are the canned food: cans of vegetables, preserves, etc.

Our second enemy is processed foods: sausages, chips, cola, soft drinks, fruit juices, cookies, muffins, cakes, boxes of breakfast cereals, condiments like mustard.

The third, frozen foods.

These three ways to market the food becomes junk food.

Why? Because when you are eating and are dead foods do not have the vitality and energy that has the same food in its natural state. What can you expect of a food as well? Very little, even biological, ecological, organic origin, and what you bought with love.

You have to use fresh foods. I’m not talking about eating raw things, but the origin of food and energy. Since that is collected from the ground up our plates, the food has to suffer the least possible handling.

The fourth enemy is the microwave, which destroys all the properties of food.

Yes, I know it’s easy to have cans and frozen or heat a cup of milk in the micro. We got used to it as something positive but not always easy is best. If you want to have a great vitality, be in your natural weight and have lots of energy, you have to make changes in your habits.

I do not want to make you feel guilty when you open a can of vegetables or cook a sausage. My mission is to have the information in your hands and you decide.

The perfect is to have your own organic garden and the worst is to buy canned, frozen or processed. Between these two extremes you have to try to balance. You’ve got both ends and now it’s up to you to choose.


Today you can start to fight the microwave: things heated in a pot as was done forever.

With regard to canned, processed and frozen stop buying today while those who remain will consume. When they are not at home, you go slowly regaining energy and health.

You dare?