If you’re like me; you pay the gym, go once and never come back, I have a tip for you to be strong and in good shape.

Years ago, people didn’t go to the gym since their works required a lot of physical exercise. Because of that, people were strong and without many cardiovascular problems.

Nowadays, even the supermarket doors are automatic. Not to mention the escalators or the delivery food service. Are you aware that the only daily exercise we do it is this one… And who kills him-herself at the gym, then he-she goes to buy a newspaper next to home using his-her car.

Here you have my personal daily exercise routine:

  1. Use your legs. They are two things that you have under your hips. Always look for an excuse to use them, like a game: if you go to buy something, try to go walking: Buying the newspaper, picking your kids up from school, going to the train, to work… Walking, walking, walking!
  2. If the distances are longer, use your bike. I live in Finland and also use the bike when it snows and it is -25 degrees. I take my kids to school by bike and they don’t freeze. Although, they usually don’t speak at all, perhaps they have their tongue frozen.
  3. Play sports, it is a way to exercise and also laugh and enjoy with your friends.
  4. Do the housework with joy: cleaning, cooking, gardening … wise person takes advantage of all the circumstances to exercise.
  5. Choose the longer way, the most difficult choice: go up the stairs, avoid shortcuts, avoid the car, leave your car away from the office. As if you were a character comedy: Put obstacles to yourself and laugh at that! In addition to exercising, this will give you willpower.
  6. Enjoy a walk. If you don’t have a pet, do not worry. You have also, your couple, your friends your kids…
  7. Make love: it is a natural function of our body, like eating or walking. It releases you from many tensions and it makes us feel good.


Of these seven points, just choose one to start with. Practice it until it becomes a habit and not a chore or something tedious. Then choose another point, and practice it, and so on… what point are you going to start with?? I’m sure, which one are your going to start with!