Green leafy vegetables represent a fundamental food for our daily diet. Along with fruits, they are the major source of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Today, industrial food is very acidifying and lacks these nutrients, so the intake of green leaves and vegetables in general should be a priority in our lives.

These green leafy vegetables are usually eaten in green salads to lose weight, raw and not only in green salads but also in the form of shakes or smoothies. But we should not think about their intake for the sole purpose of losing weight, but because of the great amount of nutrients they provide and their alkalizing quality for our body. In addition, green leafy vegetables present us with great versatility because they can be accompanied with other foods like egg, chicken, fruits, seasonings, avocado, dried fruits, pasta. They can even be eaten raw, steamed or scalded.

If you are missing some mineral or vitamin, you can solve this problem by spending a lot of money on food supplements and be a perpetual customer of the industry or you can follow 2 tips that I will give you, 2 green tips.

The first advice I give you is to start eating vegetables and some fruit. I’ll tell you what vegetables are very important, which you should eat, but first we go with the second advice.

If we want to have good reserves of minerals, on the one hand we will eat foods with minerals as I have just said, but on the other, and this is very logical, we will try to avoid foods that are thieves of minerals like eggs, red meat, milk and their derivatives, White bread, white rice, white pasta, honey, sugar, syrups, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, yerba mate.

There are foods that are very acidic like red meats, eggs, dairy, sugar, refined flours … if you eat them daily they generate so much acidity that the body has to use reserves of minerals to counteract acidity.

But there is a problem: if you do not account for mineral reserves, your body will use the calcium in your bones to counteract the acidity. That’s why there are more bone problems in people who drink lots of milk and milk, because milk acidifies and steals calcium.

The best green leafy vegetables for green salads or for cooking are the ones that grow in your region, and the right amount will give you the same nature: in spring you will find much more than in the winter. And if it is expensive it is because there is little, then eats little. and vice versa. Nature rules!

Some examples: Turnip leaves, carrot, nettle leaf, kale, broccoli, celery, beets, beet leaves, and spinach.

Benefits of green leaves:
-They have a lot of calcium, more than milk
-Great sources of iron
-clean the body of toxins
– They are good for strengthening the kidneys
-clean the blood
– They have so many minerals that are good for people with diabetes
-They have antioxidants
-Fat is omega3 in kale or kale
-Low calories, lots of fiber, to lose weight or stay

We should not obsess about detox juices or green juices or salads. Nor does it have to be, from my point of view, the main food. My opinion is that whole grains such as brown rice, millet, quinoa or buckwheat are the main foods and vegetables are the secondary, and legumes or fish in case you are a vegetarian, such as less important foods. Yes I recommend that you eat many green leaves all year round if you eat animal protein every day to counteract the uric acid and all the heavy acids that are generated.
In general, especially in spring, which is when the leaves begin to appear, we will eat more green salads.

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