Learn to prepare in a few minutes a raw alkaline salad that is, at the same time, a quick macrobiotic pickle. This is a good resource to avoid adding raw salt to your meals because they can give a salty touch to any dish on your weekly menu without damaging the kidneys.

This vegan salad with a crunchy texture is full of enzymes that will help us to metabolize the food and is especially used to accompany dishes cooked in the oven, stir fry or to balance cooking that includes animals. They are an excellent accompaniment to my homemade millet burgers.


Cucumber, cabbage cabbage, broccoli, carrot, sea salt, olive oil (optional) and lemon (optional)

Preparation of the raw salad:

-We washed the vegetables, dried them and cut them into thin slices.
– Color the slices in a bowl.
-Spolvoramos above with half a teaspoon of sea salt and mix with the fingers.
-We crush the vegetables with another identical bowl and color a weight on them: books, frying pans, a large stone, etc., so that it exerts as a press and the vegetables release their juice.
– Wait at least half an hour to consume it.
-When they are ready, we color them in a dish and we can add some lemon and natural olive oil. Both the pickle vegetables and the salty liquid that has been generated, adding to taste unrefined olive oil.

This mixture of alkaline vegetables will allow us to salt the main dishes without using the salt shaker and will provide us with enzymes and benefits for our intestinal flora. In addition, it is an excellent source of vitamin C if you need it.

You can add some seeds and nuts depending on your personal needs, the season, the weather and the area where you live. Use local, organic and seasonal foods.

If you still doubt the relationship between food and health, I invite you to do the following test to discover that we are what we eat: when you go to the supermarket, observe the physical characteristics of people and their shopping cart . You will see that there is a direct relationship: The more junk food, dairy, refined flour, desserts and sugar, the person will look less healthy. Start to become aware of this and then examine your own shopping cart.

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