Here you have an easy recipe that you can not miss in your life if you want to eat something healthier for breakfast and start the day lighter, with energy, eating something without sugar, satisfying hunger, digest well, Heavy and give you lots of energy all morning.

Let’s prepare an oatmeal cream but no flakes. We will make it from oat grains. We can use flakes or flours for some recipes or to improvise a breakfast, but we will always try to use whole grains because they are full of energy. If you plant a grain, a plant comes out. But if you flatten a glass or some flour … nothing comes out. The beans have power! Do not forget!

This is a macrobiotic and energy-eating recipe you can find in the books of Montse Bradford or Michio Kushi.

– 1 cup oats grains
– 3 cups water
– Pinch of sea salt
– Lemon zest
– Rice milk
– Cinnamon powder
– A spoonful of raisins

– Let’s start making a dextrinate, roasting the grains a little to reduce the starch, make them more digestible and not lose so much energy in digesting them, and to make us satiate more.
– Wash the grains with cold water several times in a glass container, then with a strainer.
– We heat the oats with the water.
– When it reaches the boiling point, we add the sea salt.
– Cover and cook between 1 and 3 hours minimum fire.
– Do not worry if it sticks to the bottom of the pot.

Now we have a base that we can store in the refrigerator for 4 days and each morning prepare breakfast from this base. How will we do it?

– Heat half a glass of rice milk with the raisins for 5 minutes in a pot with a lid.
– Add the quantity of cooked oats that we are going to eat.
– Add cinnamon and lemon zest.

You can play with the beans. I mean you can mix half a cup of brown rice and oatmeal, or use buckwheat.

-The oats contribute satiety
-Prevent and relieve constipation
-Help to lower cholesterol
– Cancer Prevention
-Help the production of new tissue
-The oat grains reduce cholesterol, favors the cardiovascular system

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