Delicious, easy and quick cream of pumpkin soup and veggie carrot macrobiotic, dairy free, lactose free, without butter, gluten free. Ideal for celiacs because it is a gluten-free recipe. Also known as pumpkin soup or auyama cream. Ideal to warm up on Halloween night (or day of the dead, Halloween night) or an excellent Christmas dish for Christmas menus. Or if you are not looking for easy Christmas recipes but are looking to make healthy pumpkin recipes, I recommend this vegan cream as an excellent starter. It is probably one of the best recipes with pumpkin I know and believe me if I tell you that it does not take Arguiñano to prepare it and that it comes out very tasty.

This pumpkin recipe also receives other names like Colombian auyama cream, auyama soup, and in other countries it is called pumpkin cream soup. I have also seen her prepare in different ways: pumpkin cream with cheese, made with pumpkins on nails, I have even seen squash cream with quesitos and also pumpkin soup light.

In any case, this homemade vegetable cream soup carries carrots, onions, and mainly squash. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins A and B, contains oleic, palmitic and silicic acid, in addition to being high in fiber and diuretic. The onion, the pumpkin and the carrot, cooked over low heat for a long time, will give us sweetness and internal heat. This will be the nutritional contribution of the pumpkin recipe to our health, since it has no enzymatic value because the enzymes are lost with this cooking. On the other hand, it does give us vitamins and minerals, but what we are looking for is to warm those feet and hands that are always cold. We will transmute the vegetables, which are Yin energy, into Yang energy, ideal for the coldest months of the year, getting heat, center, strength and courage. This will be the great contribution of this recipe of pumpkin and carrot cream to our health.

If you are looking for recipes to prepare pumpkins and you want pumpkin cream simple recipe and you wonder how to prepare the pumpkin? How to make a pumpkin puree? How to cook pumpkin? This recipe is one of the easiest I know. The advantage is that this pumpkin and carrot cream is more complete than a simple pumpkin puree and very similar to vegan carrot cream if you change the proportions of the ingredients. It is low-calorie pumpkin cream soup.

Ingredients for cooking pumpkin soup:

-2 onions
-1 Carrot
-1 kilo of pumpkin (pumpkin or auyama)
-2 tablespoons unrefined olive oil
-Seal to taste
-Water filtered or spring.
-Optional: a slice of wakame seaweed and a little tamari or soy sauce.

Steps to make the best pumpkin cream in the world:
“We took the carrot, but we did not peel it.
– We put 2 onions and we cut them in small pieces.
We put the pumpkin and cut it, along with the carrot, in small pieces of equal size.
-Optional: The pumpkin seeds can be toasted once clean and on medium heat to accompany the cream.
-Fresh the onions with the oil on medium heat for 3 minutes.
We added the pumpkin and the carrot and fried another 5 minutes.
-We added water that does not cover the entire volume, kombu seaweed and cover.
“When we are about to cook, we lower the fire to the minimum, cover it.”
– Cooking time of the pumpkin: 40 minutes.
-We add the sea salt and the soy sauce or tamari in the last 10 minutes of cooking.
“When it’s ready, we can grind it with a blender or crush it with a fork.”

It is an easy vegetable cream, highly recommended this pumpkin cream for children and for the whole family in general. The vivid color of the calabash, the sweet taste of vegetables and the creaminess make this dish a paradise for children and adults.

For energy issues (according to Chinese medicine), for children under one year, it is more appropriate not to fry vegetables and use more water for a less dense consistency. For adults, a thicker cream is more appropriate. For the whole family, we will try a medium term

How to eat pumpkin and carrot cream soup?

I like to serve it in a bowl and place fresh brown rice in the center. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds or gomasio, and toasted and chopped almonds. You can also accompany the cream with a slice of high quality whole wheat bread. Or the cream of pumpkins can be a secondary dish that serves to sweeten and give heat, accompanied by a main dish of what makes you happy.