Exquisite fruit compote with cinnamon, another great macrobiotic vegan recipe without sugar. An easy apple dessert that includes pear, cinnamon and raisins, easy to prepare, fast and with a very sweet result. Here I show you how to make one of the most delicious apple recipes available, so you can enjoy its flavor and at the same time eat healthy. The secret is how to make an apple and how to prepare the pears. Learn how to make healthy homemade desserts!

Many things can be done with apples. As for desserts, what can you do with apples? And above all: how to make cheap desserts and quick desserts? There are many desserts with red apples because desserts with apples always triumph. Do you know anyone who does not like the apple? That’s why this apple dessert recipe is ideal if you are looking for dessert recipes (especially easy desserts). You have to know that this apple pear combination is spectacular. Beyond the nutritional properties of the pear or to analyze what vitamins the pear or apple contains, applesauce and pear is one of the simple desserts (within the range of fruit desserts) that I recommend to everyone Those people who need to eat something sweet but do not want to gain weight or eat sugar. I am one of those who always tries recipes for quick desserts to know how to make easy desserts and not die trying.

It’s also ideal for the Christmas season, when you may be wondering how to make a Christmas apple dessert and find yourself on the verge of a nervous breakdown by searching for Christmas dessert recipes for every corner, wondering what kind of cold desserts and simple desserts exist In this Christmas universe. But tranquil @. I encourage you to try this Christmas apple dessert that nobody expects and that, no doubt, nobody will leave indifferent. It is one of the best dessert recipes for Christmas that I know because it is one of those great apple desserts without oven and with cinnamon included. And if you like cinnamon, this compote is a cinnamon dessert in full rule but in its right measure, without getting pumped.

You can try also making an excellent variant: pear compote. By removing the apple, you can use this same thing as a pear compote recipe in case you want to dispense with apples. Sugar-free pear compote is made following the same steps. It can be said that there are several types of pears: the best known are conference pear and water pear. You can use any one to make this recipe, the one you find in your market. From now on you will know what the pear is for!

Cooked pears and apples will bring us warmth and sweetness, as we will reduce the fruit (from yin energy from the point of view of macrobiotic nutrition – Chinese medicine), as do raisins (or raisins). So much is the entisiasm that from this recipe I plan to make more videos of healthy desserts and maybe recipes with red apples or simple apple desserts. Whether it is for friends or if you are looking for recipes for easy Christmas desserts, I sincerely hope that you will use this recipes with apples and that will bring you sweetness, well-being and happiness.