Have you ever wondered why some people are positive and others are negative? How do you feel when you’re with someone who criticizes everyone and complains about everything? How do you feel when you’re with someone who spreads joy, inspiration and peace? And you… What are you like? And an even more important question: What do you want to be? In this video, I’ll give you tools and you will know the benefits of being a positive person and their relationship to health.

There are moments in life when is difficult to be positive. What we can not afford is to live criticizing others and complaining everything without offering solutions to problems. We should not turn criticism and complaints on a daily sport.

What are the consequences to be a negative person?

  • You lose focus, paying attention to things that are not relevant.
  • Others get bored.
  • You get sick: it is scientifically proven that negativity and stress acidify the blood, and to summarize, every disease thrives in an acidic environment. For this reason, we say in Spanish: “do not make bad blood”, as a way of saying “do not worry so much.” It is a perfect expression because we create our blood not only from food but also of emotions. And our health is determined largely by the quality of our blood.

I’m not saying that we should live in La-La-Land and we should be fool optimistic fools who do not criticize injustice. What I say is you should only “make bad blood” by important reasons. Find solutions, make a constructive criticism, but do not complain daily as playing a sport. We must break this bad habit.

Where is the solution? The solution is to learn how to control our mind. It is not easy or quick, but it’s possible. Always ask yourself what do I get when I complain about everything and criticize others? This video aims to raise awareness and generate the habit of being positive.

But Mariano: What are the benefits of being positive people?


You’ll have better mental and physical health, you will be more focused on important issues, in the goals of your life, and people greatly enjoy your company. Redirects your time and energy to more important matters!


Let’s make good blood. Try to be aware of all the negative comments and destructive criticism that go through your head every day and even we put them in our mouth, criticizing others. Every time you criticize or complain without offering a solution to the problems, try to stop and let that dark cloud go away until you see the sun again. Try to not react to a negative thought, to not get entangled with it. So far, experiment with this. Look how you feel and think about it.

In the next video I’ll give you a game to control negative thoughts. It is an easy and convenient game that changed my life.

Now is your turn. Ask yourself what do you want to be, what do you want other people feel about you. Watching this video is the first step to change and become into your best version.

If you dream with a more-positive word and you think this video can help, share it with your friend. I will be very thankful and you will make me be very happy!