I am convinced that genes and food are directly related to health and disease. I have spent many years researching how best nutrition for humans, studying and experimenting on my own meats scientific ideas of East and West.

So I think it’s very important to feed respecting our biology. What I mean by this? We should eat food for humans. How easy is it not?

In other words, we have to do what other animals. For example, the lion eats food for lions. Do you eat apples? No. But if they are good for health! No, do not eat apples. Eat meat, and always eat like the same. Responds to their biology. So the lion, like wild animals live their entire life with energy and get sick only when they die: they get sick and die of old. They never take medicine or go to the doctor. They do not because they do not need. Wild animals respect the law of nature.

Instead we humans do not respect the natural law when we do not eat human food. And so continually sick and suffer from chronic diseases, cancer, cholesterol, etc.

This web site is intended to teach you what is the optimal food for humans, that they will do to be strong, I will do save a lot of money and will allow you to work 100% non sick.

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