Today I bring you the recipe to do natural cross that will surprise you and I’ll give you 10 reasons to do it. This recipe is very easy to make Sauerkraut because you do not have to cook anything. We are going to make a healthy homemade sauerkraut because we are not going to use vinegar or other toxic and debilitating additives. It is a pickle or pickled cabbage, it is cabbage fermented cabbage. This probiotic is of German origin (sauerkraut) full of benefits and beneficial properties for health, especially for those people who ate animal proteins daily for many years and now need to eliminate the accumulated toxins.


1- You will not have to cook
2- It is very cheap if you prepare it at home
3- You are going to prepare something that is almost impossible to buy today
4- The sauerkraut recipe is prepared in just 15 minutes
5- Regenerates the intestinal flora and facilitates digestion
6- It facilitates the absorption of minerals and vitamins, and cleanses the body
7- Among its properties and benefits for health, we can say that it improves gout, arthritis, heartburn, gastritis, acne, rheumatism, hemorrhoids.
8- It is delicious
9- It is a condiment that you will have available to use and that enriches the dishes with its flavor, texture and color
10- It will give a raw touch to the dish but without it getting too cold, and it will give us the sour taste that is sometimes difficult to add to the dish without resorting to lemon.

Of course, you will have to wait a month to try it, but this is very good because you will develop patience on the one hand and love on the other because every day you will think of the sauerkraut, you will look at it … take care of a little plant


You will need cabbage, sea salt and a jar. Do not tell me that eating healthy is expensive and difficult!

You wash the cabbage and you keep some leaves to use as cover
You cut the cabbage as thin as you can
Place it in a large container to massage
Add 15ml sea salt per kilo of cabbage (1 tablespoon full)
That is the proportion
Mix and give a shiatsu massage
Squeeze with desire, as if you had your boss in your hands
Water comes out when the fibers break, that’s normal
Coloramos the cabbage in the jar, cover with a sheet, that is tight
You can put a weight, like a stone
We cover loosely to enter air and thus ferment
Leave one month out of the refrigerator, in a cool and dark place, at less than 18 degrees.
When you start eating it, store it in the refrigerator.

And for the same price I give you another idea:
You do the same but with red cabbage, carrots and beets. With the same steps, in 15 days you have it fermented. However, if you are a fan of homemade pickles, you can see one of my videos dedicated to this that I recorded together with my son a few months ago.


The properties of sauerkraut are due to lactic acid as in the case of kefir or yogurt, but sauerkraut has no animal fat, is of vegetable origin, and this is its great advantage. It also helps in the cleansing of the body, greater absorption of minerals and some vitamins, enhances the functioning of lactobacillus that prevent infections, eliminates naturally carbon dioxide and methane from the intestines, and prevents and combats constipation and diarrhea. Sauerkraut is also very beneficial to fight diseases such as bronchitis and lung diseases, diarrhea, dysentery, heartburn and gastrointestinal disorders, acne and skin conditions, anorexia, anemia, muscle and nervous fatigue, muscle and rheumatic pain, arthritis and gout, allergies , arteriosclerosis and demineralization, infectious diseases in general, hair fragility and hemorrhoids.

My dream is to create and share healthy recipes and habits to improve the world. Eating healthy is a matter of awareness and of reversing certain preferences. It does not help much to eat something unhealthy for the simple fact that it is very tasty, because afterwards it will be disturbing us all day like a malignant creature in the abdomen, it will make us drowsy, it will reduce our energy, it will make us feel exhausted, with acidity, bad mood, reluctance. On the other hand, when one becomes aware of the importance of taking care of our health, we will demand as priority number one that any plate of food is healthy, especially because, if it is well prepared, it can also be a tasty dish.

Enjoy the recipe, put it into practice and share it to generate health for your loved ones. I encourage you to visit my Youtube channel to access more healthy recipes. Thank you!