There is a difference between whole grains and refined grains industry sometimes try to hide and that our health directly affects us. Here, briefly, I’ll give you 10 reasons to eat whole grains and in the end, I’ll leave a WEEKLY CHALLENGE. Remember that macrobiotic Zen is a place to create health, longevity and be full of energy!

Let us first say what the most popular cereals have to try to eat every day are rice, wheat, corn, oats, quinoa, rye, barley, millet.

When we talk about whole grains we mean the whole grain, unrefined. It is a perfect, complete food. Instead, white pasta, white bread and white rice are made based on refined grains, which are incomplete, poor grain from the nutritional point of view.

Whole grains are composed of 4 parts: seed (minerals, vitamins and oils), gluten or protein, starch and sugars (the most energetic part of the cereal, where the polysaccharide sugars, which are absorbed slowly and result in energy and longevity); and bran or fiber, used to help the intestinal transit producing a gentle massage on the intestinal walls and helping to keep the body clean of debris.

Refined, however, have no germ or bran. It is, to refine the grain cereal grain rob the 2 parts that comprise 4, eliminating most of the nutritional potential of cereals. So when you eat white bread, white rice or white pasta incomplete you’re eating food from a nutritional standpoint.

Also refined, acidify the blood and body need to use our own calcium to counteract this acidification. Furthermore, to refine a loss of enzymes that our body has to add in the digestive process occurs.

In other words, when you eat refined grains malnutrition and exhaustion of the body it occurs. Instead, whole grains are all necessary for digestion and energy fill properties.

But if you eat whole grains you need not add bran to your meals because whole grains and contain it. You will not have constipation problem, I tell you from my own experience, that as whole grains and are 70% of my daily diet.

Are you eating a living food, full of energy! Whole still have their ability to germinate and are loaded with vital energy (if we plant, a plant grows. Instead a refined grain, nothing grows)

Reasons to eat whole grains:

  1. Provide energy but not all at once and for a short time as sugar or coffee, but throughout the day.
  2. Provide glucose needed for brain function.
  3. Leave no residue on your body because its combustion is almost complete. Remember that being overweight is nothing but waste of a poor diet, by eating foods that generate many toxic wastes.
  4. They help you control your weight without losing energy.
  5. Provide proteins (incomplete) of high quality.
  6. It is the biologically optimal food for our species (more on this in another video).
  7. Provide minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, manganese, fluoride, copper, etc.
  8. Vitamins A, B, C, D, K, PP, all of easy assimilation.
  9. Provide enzymes for the digestive process.
  10. Get calcium and also do not loose your own calcium to digest as the refined food!

Now that you have the information, you have no excuse to keep eating refined grains! Head over to the integral, to life!


Adapt your recipes by adding whole grains. It is a small change in your habits that will not cost you too much and long term will be very good for your health. Take it as a game!

If you cook with white rice, switch to brown rice. Do the same with the white pasta and white bread. Look carefully at the packages to be 100% whole, only possible percentage to win the game!

Start first with the bread and then the rest of cereals, or make a comprehensive change and definitely spend the whole grain.

Do you accept the challenge? Always remember the 10 reasons!