I am convinced that a good way to change habits is taking small steps in the same direction. So Diets that require us to do something completely different to our habits in no time.

I think the life experience serves much. Once in America, I found myself facing a job that required a lot of effort and responsibility. A colleague saw me quite concerned and gave me the advice he had given her his grandfather Mariano, if you have to eat an elephant, better start with small bites, slowly.

Although I did not eat any elephant, the council helped me and I think that can also serve you. If we have to do something big, in our case, change their habits because we are not working as we would like, it is best to start slowly, day by day, and when we want to agree, we will have made a big change in our daily habits.

Therefore, as I want to help, each of the videos you post on Zen macrobiotic be an invitation for you, a simple and practical proposal to give small steps without too much effort, but ultimately you achieve great changes with lasting .

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