Have you ever think about the consequences the consumption of sugar has in your life and your children’s life?

In this video we will talk about one of our worst public enemies: refined sugar. As always I will propose a weekly challenge and I’ll leave a question to reflect  at the end of the video.

In Chinese medicine it is considered an extreme food, extremely yin, that makes us feel tired, without energy, with skin, kidney, respiratory  problems, and other problems related to the head and pancreas.

With the head? Yes, with the head.

Today it is known that white sugar is not a food. It doesn’t nourish, Fbut is a chemical that undernourish, which is carcinogenic and is highly addictive as other drugs such as cocaine, alcohol, caffeine, tobaco… urthermore, it acidifies our blood causing calcium loss. Sugar also promotes the growth of tumors along with a weakened immune system, which is our ally to stay healthy.

You can look away, like this or like this

Or you can take action to change your and your children’s destiny.

Think of one thing, and this is a secret between you and me: what you eat today are generating health or disease within 10 years.

Yes, the current health is not the result of a miracle but the result of our habits in recent years.

Why sugar itself and other drugs not?

If sugar is not a food, it is stimulating, sickness  and addictive, and stimulating, why we give our children in cold blood sugar and do not give them alcohol? Why not give them cocaine? It is white too.

What is the junk food we need to avoid?

Soft drinks and cola drinks, sugary cereals, all foods with sweeteners, ice cream, chocolates with sugar, any food that contains sugar, sweets and candies typical for children, sugary yogurts, cakes and pastries with sugar.

It was impossible to remember this information. Too much crap in my head.


Children, when they are small, they eat what you give to them, They eat what you eat. Strive to create them healthy habits and avoid the carcinogenic and addictive while in your hand.

Also, read the labels of  the products you buy because almost everything has sugar.

This week I propose you to be aware of all the sugar you consume or give them to your children. Think if it is really necessary or whether it is a habit. Or if it’s an addiction. Try to be aware every time you put sugar in coffee and every time you eat something with sugar. Can you be 3 days without eating sugar? Three days?? Three days?? You’ll remember me, and also my mother, but nothing happens.

What ideas can you think of you? What advice can you give to others? Leave your comment below with practical ideas of your daily life and you can also share links to videos and press articles.

We couldn’t live without water nor could we live without other essential nutrients, but without sugar assure you that we can. So in the next video I’ll give you five ideas that you can eliminate from your life dependence on sugar. Yes, 5 Ideas!
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