Easy and healthy macrobiotic cooking recipe to learn how to cook rice with chickpeas. We will combine brown rice with vegetables, with chickpeas and we will also add seeds, nuts, fermented, seaweed and olive oil. A healthy and cheap healthy meal, like all my healthy and easy food recipes. It is a healthy meal for children, adults and the whole family.

To prepare this healthy food recipe we will use organic brown rice or any of the rice types, either short, medium or long grain brown rice, you can even use red, wild or black rice. There are many types of brown rice. Discover them!

Brown rice is a different rice than white rice. It is much more nutritious and extraordinarily good for your health. It is an integral meal.

This recipe does not include rice preparation. When preparing rice, if you want to know how to make brown rice to know how to prepare rice with vegetables and chickpeas, see my video dedicated to it in which I explain step by step how to prepare brown rice. Cooking rice is an age-old practice and is much easier than you might think.

“We’ll have some brown rice prepared on one side, and some chickpeas with their broth.” On my website I teach you how to cook them.

Cut an onion into croissants.
-Wash with olive oil over medium heat for 3 minutes.
-Add 2 tablespoons of chickpeas and a little broth.
-Add some sea salt.
-Cook and cook for 5 minutes over a low heat.
-In the meanwhile, we wash and cut into thin strips a leaf of green cabbage.
-Add the cabbage, remove and cover for 2 minutes.
-Add brown rice already cooked, the desired amount.
-Remove from fire, put out the fire and cover.
-Wait until the rice gets hot.
-Serve with a handful of seeds and nuts: sunflower, squash, chia, flax, sesame, walnuts and almonds.

-A spoonful of pickles or homemade pickles without vinegar. On my web you have the recipe.
-A little tamari or shoyu (soy sauce) without sugar from organic farming.
-Seaweed in glasses or soaked or cooked
-Brewery yeast
-Never season with raw salt or vinegar.

Any of the brands of brown rice is good as long as they are organic, with no pesticide residue and other industrial chemicals. In addition, organic cultivation is grown on nutrient rich soils that end up in your rice bowl with chickpeas. The same advice applies to the chickpea. In all recipes with chickpeas, make sure they are organically grown so they have not been fattened with flour.

Chickpeas are one of the world’s best known legumes and foods, along with lentils and soybeans, and it’s crucial to know how to cook chickpeas. Check out my article dedicated to this wonderful vegetable to know how to cook chickpeas and know the properties of chickpeas. Knowing how to prepare chickpeas will give you a lot of game because you can prepare all kinds of meals with chickpeas, summer chickpeas salad or chickpeas with vegetables in the form of stew for the colder months.

TRICKS TO SAVE TIME and achieve a healthy kitchen:

Prepare 2 or 3 kinds of whole grains separately with a little salt of sea salt. For example, a little rice, a little quinoa and a little spelled. Store in refrigerator in airtight glass containers. They hold up well for several days. In this way, you will have ready-made whole grains for each day, which should cover 60% of our daily food. You can also cook some legumes with a laurel leaf or kombu seaweed and store it in the same way.

Then, every day you just have to prepare some vegetables and reheat the cereals and vegetables. In this way, you can have healthy dishes prepared right away that will cover all your daily needs.

On days you have more time, instead of legumes you can repair some white fish if you are not vegetarian, a little tofu, seitan or tempeh. You can also leave a chickpea paté or lentil pâté to have on hand. I also have these healthy food recipes on my Youtube channel and on my website. Just look for recipes in the Recipes section.

Then, throughout the week, you are going to go eating a different cereal at each meal. In addition, you can go alternating with whole pasta. You can also eat whole-grain bread at some meal, even one day you can prepare a whole-wheat sandwich with chickpea and vegetable pate.

In the Nutrition section of this web you can know the ideal proportions of each food you should eat at each meal.

Worry about your nutrition, your health. If you do not do it, who will? I encourage you to follow a healthy and healthy diet because it is good to be healthy, to feel strong, very energetic. Let the machine run at 100%. You deserve it. Why do you have blood pressure, cholesterol, cataracts, impotence, etc? Has no sense. Let’s leave the genes, old age and bad luck in peace. Your health is your responsibility and your choice.

If you want to learn more easy recipes, recipes for healthy food for children and, above all, learn recipes for healthy eating and energy and health, visit the recipe section of this website and my Zen Macrobiotic YouTube channel. Simple recipes.