Want to lose weight, be younger, have a very healthy and live long? Follow the advice of Mahatma Gandhi: chew your drink and drink your food. Write it in your kitchen and remember every time you eat.

We have seen the importance of eating whole grains and avoid frozen, canned and refined. Now I’ll tell you why it is important to chew every bite.

In Zen macrobiotic we want to slowly build new healthy habits. The habit belongs to us now is a lot to chew each bite. It will not be easy, we will need 21 days to get used, but worth it. If I could do it, so can you!

You know how many times we chew each bite? A minimum of 50 times, gradually increasing to 100 times to have an extraordinary health, live long and lose weight. I’m crazy? I do not know, but the art of chewing is an ancient practice that gives excellent results.

13 Benefits of chewing food well:

  1. Generates an antibiotic effect, it sterilizes the food: if we eat food with bacteria, saliva disinfects, minimizing the risks of swallowing worms and larvae.
  2. We control our food and our destiny. The mouth is a digestive organ, the last check before the food to pass through the throat and then the stomach functions independently.
  3. Chewing helps control the amount of food we eat. We tend to eat too. We are greedy and greedy greedy by nature. We and any teacher in nutrition. Why? Because eating is a pleasure difficult to suppress, as sexual pleasure. These two pleasures are unconscious mechanisms to ensure the survival of the species. They are not sins, but if they can prove lethal govern. There is a reflection of satiety stomach sends to the brain saying, I’m satisfied. When we eat fast, that message does not come and eat more than necessary.
  4. Sweetens and enhances the flavor of food, reducing the need for sweets.
  5. It gives the exact point of moisture to the food.
  6. Saliva contains digestive enzymes, so we need ensalivar well every bite.
  7. Chewing diluted excess either end taste: if you eat something spicy that damages the stomach, saliva helps to neutralize it.
  8. The more you chew, the faster you heal diseases. Experts recommend 200 times every bite as therapy.
  9. Develops wisdom and spiritual elevation. Distrusts spiritual, yoga or macrobiotic teacher not chew their food very much.
  10. Saliva has an immunostimulant effect: stimulates production of lymphocytes, our warriors fighting against diseases. Of the three types of saliva, which parotin is released into the mouth and absorbed under the tongue, going directly into the blood. Alkaline, heals and protects health. It may even help fight cancer. But if we eat fast, Parotin goes to the stomach and is destroyed by stomach acid.
  11. Avoid gases: The stomach does not have teeth. The large pieces are not digested, nutrients are not absorbed and the food produced gases. (At least on your first date, chew much to prevent these harmful gases)
  12. Sense of peace. Chewing reassuring. Improves sleep. There are many nerves that originate in the face and it’s like an internal massage of those nerves. So people chew gum to calm or children bite.
  13. Cellular rejuvenation, youthful, young face, mainly due to parotin.

For these reasons, whatever your diet, chew practice between 50 and 100 times every bite!


Feel like to chew more than 50 times each mouthful? Strategies to privacy:

  1. Chew each bite consciously. Account every bite to 50. Obesity is a lack of awareness when eating: no timetables, at all times, fast.
  2. Come without television or computer, or book.
  3. Talk as little as possible, as the Japanese. After lunch there is always time to talk about trivial things.
  4. With practice we will rise to 100, until one day be a habit.
  5. Come circular as other herbivorous animals to chew.
  6. Chewing food well especially low quality to minimize the poisoning!
  7. Start today!